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At Trembly Law, we start with why. It isn’t about us, it’s about our bigger mission – why do we get up every day and bust our tails for our clients. It’s because we believe that with a thriving small business economy, everyone is better off. That’s why our mission is “Protecting the Economy, One Business at a Time.” There are times, however, when you must toot your own horn and separate yourself as a business. After all, aside from competence, why choose one law firm to work with over another? Most law firms can’t explain what makes them different (a real competitive advantage is a quantifiable, supportable claim that no one else or very few others can also legitimately claim). Most law firms claim they’re different by saying, “We really care about our clients” (we should all hope so, right?). At Trembly Law, on the other hand, we can tell you exactly what makes us unique, thereby creating a better experience and better results than clients of other firms. After all, why be in business just to be another firm? If you’re not in business to deliver a better service than someone else, then you’re in business for yourself, not for your clients. What about the clients that are looking for something unique, something different, something better? How do we meet deadlines better, develop better strategies, and cultivate the best outcomes? It’s because we’re thought-driven in everything we do, including this page, its unapologetic tone, our core value of Kick-Ass, and ultimately creating the type of firm that our type of clients want to work with. Alas, we want you to know the facts – the unique advantages you can enjoy working with our firm. Advantages that no other firm can honestly claim. [read more]

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